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At the Austin airport, waiting for my flight to DFW, then home. The World Fantasy Award shortlist came out last night, and I have lots of friends to congratulate. Some very cool nominations on there.

In other news, Karl Rove is apparently resigning. I'll believe that long after I see that — for all my ranting about the GOP, he's one of the few figures in modern politics who I believe is self-consciously evil and deceitful, presumably through some sort of ends-justifies-the-means ethics. Rove, along with Atwater and Ailes, bears direct personal responsibility for the dissolution of reasonable discourse and public comity in the body politic, as a result of their decades-long strategy of radicalizing the conservative base to keep the votes coming in. That was short term electoral thinking with its origins in the panic of the post-Nixon era Republicans, which will reap a bitter harvest for at least the next generation.

As far as I'm concerned, he's as great a political villain as Roy Cohn or Nancy Reagan. It's far too much to hope he'll pay a fraction of the penalty for his misdeeds, but I'm petty enough to wish him ill.

Armadillocon was fun, but Old Home Week was a bit emotionally ambiguous for me. Still, I have a rewrite to finish, things to do. the_child and her mother come home tonight. I haven't see the kiddo for almost three weeks.

Also, an interesting reader reaction to Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ], addressing the book in a spiritual analysis.

Elsewhere, deedop does some on-the-ground market research concerning the book.

And remember, if you're in Portland or surrounds, I have a reading/signing for Mainspring at the Beaverton Powell's this coming Tuesday at 7 pm. That would be tomorrow... Come on by!
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