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[links] The Intertubes have been kindly


Fatigue cripples US Army in Iraq

Karl Rove Failed Conservatism By Moving The Republican Party Left — Rove as a crypto-leftist? Man, the knives are coming out in Conservativeland.

Building a coalition, forgetting to ruleThe New York Times on Rove and electoral politics, making many of the same points I've been reaching for.

Analysis of the relationship between the length of a country's proper name and its relative degree of freedom


Map reveals ancient urban sprawl — Angkor Wat as the original Los Angeles?

Some good commentary on scientific thinking vs faith-based thinking

Climate moderation courtesy of Australia's bunny fence

Art and Culture

Shorpy, the 100 year old photo blog — I have added this to my morning blog roll.

The 10 Most Awesome Movies Hollywood Ever KilledFartman? Really? Homie don't play dat.

Religion beat became a test of faith — Gakked from dirkcjelli. Fascinating, but probably preaching to the choir, or not, as the case may be.

1938 Push Button Car — Who needs a Bugatti Veryon, anyway?

With thanks to a number of the usual suspects, including chriswjohnson and danjite.
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