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[links] Link salad, Friday overload

Construction Woes Plague U.S. Embassies — Money shot:
Williams is described by people who have worked with him as a complicated personality who demands absolute loyalty, insists that his staff and outsiders call him "General" and prefers to ride elevators alone.

This guy needs therapy, not a senior adminstration job.

Russia's resurgent military — I guess that look Bush took into Putin's soul has really paid off for our national defense.

Karl Rove explains why mortgage interest deductions and 401(k) accounts mean the GOP is the champion of the little guy — Um, Karl, those weren't Republican ideas in the first place.

Internal passports coming soon to an Amerika near you — Your Republican Party, always standing up for personal freedom! An unintended but not unpredictable consequence of the war on terra. Ever notice how well those wars on nouns turn out?

D.C. to Fire 3 Over Woman's Detention as a Man

For Want of a Nail: If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga — Hardcore alternate history and a very cool read.

Man Reveals Legend of Mystery Visitor to Edgar Allan Poe's Grave

blackaire on readers who love too much

Can you think of eleven different felonies you could commit with an oyster?

Hot rod hearse — Candidate for the next Genre car?

The political compassMy rating should surprise no one:

Political Compass-jlake

("Libertarian" in this context means anti-authoritarian, not aligned with the minor American political party.)

Apparently I'm more liberal and antiauthoritarian then either Nelson Mandela or Gandhi.

Chicago's 1954 tidal wave

Freshwater jellyfish in Idaho — A dispatch from the Department of WTF?

(With thanks to a number of the usual suspects.)
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