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[conventions] WorldCon programming schedule

WorldCon programming schedule

September 1st, 2007

NoonMeet the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer Finalists
I'll be moderating this panel, opening with a brief talk about the history and significance of the Campbell Award.
2:00 pmMaking Writing More Vivid and Memorable

Then it's off to the pre-Hugo reception, followed by the Hugos themselves. I'll be presenting the award for Best Editor, Short Form, and (probably but unconfirmed) playing a role in the Campbell presentation.

And yes, I am going to Japan for a day. Leaving Portland the morning of the 30th, arriving Tokyo the evening of the 31st. Off to the hotel, then a day of programming on the 1st, then flying back on the 2nd, arriving home on the 2nd thanks to the miracle of the International Date Line. Crazy? Me? Ask lasirenadolce, she's going too on that schedule.
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