Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[process] Anent yesterday's early career post

Anent yesterdays' early career post, the high school metaphor has disturbed some commentors both on my original post and in some of the linkback posts around the blogosphere.

One of the perils of using a metaphor to talk about the realities of life is that the metaphor can be taken too seriously. It really seems to bother some people that I talked about layers and divisions within the pro writing community, but name me a human community of 3+ people that doesn't have layers and divisions. We're monkeys, people, that's what we do — sort ourselves into groups and hierarchies.

The value of the high school metaphor is that it is transparently comprehensible to almost all Americans, and most other Western-educated readers. The peril of the high school metaphor is that a lot of people have very bad memories of the original experience.
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