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[writing] The University Books Reading

The University Books reading went well. the_child, lasirenadolce, and I had an early dinner with Mark Ferrari, bravado111 and his family, as well as bridget_coila, mistymarshall, pharmer13 and (briefly) cmpriest, who'd had a cat misadventure on her way over.

The reading was well-attended by many of the usual suspects as well as a number of unfamiliar faces. We've got a decent digital recording, which I'll put up later as a podcast once Mark and Duane have reviewed it. I read a couple of deleted scenes from Escapement, while Mark read the introduction to The Book of Joby Powell's | Amazon ].

Reports here, here and here, if you're curious.

Also, a few photos seem to have appeared on the Intarwebs, including here and herejackwilliambell was liveblogging it...

I daresay a good time was had by all. Me, I'm at the beach for the weekend with Escapement in my lap. Excelsior, y'all.
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