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[links] Link salad heads for Denver

Gonzales Resigns — Apparently his problems were interfering with the Bush administration's ability to conduct efficient lawbreaking elsewhere. I'm amazed, truth be told — I figured Gonzo would be the last man standing, out of Bush's sheer stubborness if nothing else.

Wild Vervet Monkeys Wreak Havoc in Kenya — The best part of the this story is the second user comment: Clearly, this moral decay is the result of Darwinism. (Thanks to yourbob.)

Reader reaction to Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ]. Money shot:

Jay Lake has not only thrown the proverbial baby out with the bath water but the rubber duckie and the soap too.

lasirenadolce with a weekend update. — What she said. Includes rare photos of me hard at work.

Me, I'm at the airport and off to Denver shortly. Off to Japan on Thursday. Expect continued light blogging, with reduced chances of wit and erudition.
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