Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel|writing] Things to do in Denver when I'm dead

Flight to Denver was uneventful. I divided my time between Day Job and Escapement. I attended an open house tonight for the various sales teams, and tomorrow is an all-day sales confab. Flying home late tomorrow.

I am turning Escapement in on Wednesday regardless. I don't want to go to Japan with it. I'm well more than halfway done with the line-by-line read, which is going splendidly but slowly. I've caught a couple of minor plot points which need to be addressed, and cleaned up a whole lot of language. But I'm about done. It will come back to me in copy edit, which is not the time for major revision, but dangly bits can be trimmed in moderation then if really needed.

Hey, I think it's a book.
Tags: escapement, personal, travel, writing

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