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[travel] In transit, looking for the map

lasirenadolce and I have arrived in the United States. We're changing planes in Chicago, that toddling town. Should be back at Nuevo Rancho Lake sometime late this evening. Tomorrow is a day for lying still and palpitating.

WorldCon was an astonishing experience. The madness of the one-day trans-Pacific flyby somehow seemed to distill the sprawling edifice that encompasses the traditions of our field into something brief, potent and intense. I can tell you that giving away a Hugo was a blast (though winning one must be the ultimate trip). Passing the Campbell tiara onto naominovik was intensely satisfying as well, and brought back some powerful memories for me. Japanese fandom is, well, amazing. Also, I got to know our own English-speaking fandom a bit better there as well.

More to come as lasirenadolce gets a chance to load her photos into Flickr. Right now it's all still pretty much a blur to me.

I have but one piece of advice. If when in Japan a friendly Japanese person gives you something unspecificed to eat and mimes that you should hold your nose while eating it, take this as a hint to politely accept the food, thank them, then seek a hazardous waste disposal site. Immediately before our departure for points North American, danjite and I each ate a little tan cone wrapped in dried seaweed. As he put it, this tasted like "a hint of hot pepper mixed with cat shit, sand and brown sugar."

Trust me when I tell you that this description maligns the homey and pleasant odor of catboxes across America.
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