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Jay Lake

[links] Link Salad, lunch break edition

Pew Internet & American Life Project — I'm an "omnivore". I suspect many of you reading here are as well. Do share if you take the quiz.

For the first time in 10,000 years, farming is not the dominating industry — (Thanks to danjite.)

Japan introduces a urine-powered battery

Team USA of the World Beard and Moustach Championships — Rules here if you find yourself with a keen interest. (Thanks to lillypond.)

The "Fiction Gap" — Do women really read more than men?

Democrats and the Iron Law of Insitutions — I've been aware of this concept for many years, but I've never before seen it explained so cogently.

semiotic_pirate with a fascinating essay on self-righteousness and sexuality — Ganked from elsewhere on my f-list, but I lost track. My apologies.

Never engage in finance with the poor — Lessons from the sub-prime collapse.

lasirenadolce with detailed writeups on our excellent Japan adventure, specifically WorldCon day one, our arrival, WorldCon day two (pre-Hugo), WorldCon day two (Hugos) and WorldCon day day three, our departure. With photos!

(And as a reminder, my Con/Hugo reports on Jeff VanderMeer's blog and at the Amazon book blog.)
Tags: conventions, culture, funny, japan, links, politics, polls, sex, tech, travel, weird
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