Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[links] Link Salad, lunch break edition redux

Since I'm eating in a lot this week, you all get another bonus link salad. I was not diligent about tracking sources here, so my apologies to anyone I should credit. Please claim your token in comments and see the meerkat at the door.

The essence of nearly everything — A new cooking technique which I find fascinating but strange. Also, I'd have thought cooking to be one of those arts where all the fundamentals had been laid down generations ago. Shows you what I know.

DM of the Rings — You weren't doing anything this afternoon, were you? I thought not. Lord of the Rings as a D&D adventure. Literally.

Thought-guided wheelchair — Now this technology has ample applications in the military and pornography industries, sans doute, avec peur.

More Craig family bungling — Wow. Just wow. Family values really rocks! If these people were liberals, they'd be depraved criminals.

Bush has bad day at Sydney Opera House — Just read it. This kind of story gives me heart, because it proves that anyone can overcome their profound natural limitations and become president of the United States.
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