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[links] Link Salad kicks back on the weekend

Recent activity on this blog which may be of interest

My customer satisfaction survey

Group storytelling, courtesy of Yokohama Sid

The LOLJay contest — Still in its entry phase.

Open questions

Link salad in the more usual sense

On monotremes — A lot more interesting than you think. Money shot:

The platypus apparently dreams more than any other mammal, and engages in lots of REM sleep. Echidnas do this too, despite early reports to the contrary (Siegel et al. 1998). Platypuses are hard to kill, and euthanized babies (collected for an experiment during the early 1900s) took a disturbing amount of time to drown.

Thanks to the_flea_king for originally turning me on to the Tetrapod Zoology blog.

Irukandji Syndrome — Apparently about the most intense pain a human being can feel and survive. Read the article. A number of people seem to have done this on purpose.

Writing as a Fantasist — An oldie but a goodie from Dave Wolverton.

A discussion of high end animation and 3D rendering for home users

Review of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism Powells | Amazon ] — A progressive critique of the silent spread of conservative extremism through manipulation (and creation) of catastrophic events. Also, a YouTube clip of a short film by the Cuarón brothers discussing this IMDB ]. As IMDB says:

Drawing surprising connections between market methods and CIA torture techniques developed in the 1950s, the film explores how well-known events of the recent past have been theaters for the shock doctrine, from Pinochet's coup in Chile, to the Tiananmen Square Massacre, to the war in Iraq today.

(Thanks to threeoutside for that last one.)
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