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[personal] Weekend update

Well, the Genre car now fits in my garage in a more-or-less normal fashion. Also helped mom and dad with some stuff at their new place over in Sellwood. Discovered on the way out that some genius keyed the Genre car some time in the last few days. It's 7 years old, with 70,000 miles on it, so I'm not too bent out of shape, but I really don't understand why people do that kind of thing.

Writing and writing-related program activities for the rest of today. I have a video interview tomorrow morning, which will be shot at the Beaverton Powell's. lasirenadolce will be back in town as well. Then various activities with writing and with the_child.

Four day work week this coming week, with a hot departure for Crescent City, CA this coming Thursday afternoon, by car. I'm faculty at the North Coast Redwoods Writers' Conference. Back from Crescent City on Sunday evening (with some coastal sight seeing on the way), then off to Omaha the crack of Monday. Next Friday I'm flying from Omaha to Seattle to land at Foolscap, home the following Sunday. So that's 11 days on the road, I think.

Except for WFC in November (with a possible detour to NYC in the works) and various Omaha trips, that's my last big travel for the year. I'm planning to attend OryCon, and I may pop down to Loscon over Thanksgiving, but really I swear I'll be home for the most part. Also, I have this bridge to sell you.
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