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[interview] The Groupee interview

Went over to the Powell's Books at Cedar Hills, in Beaverton, OR, this morning. The sf/f section manager there is very supportive of local and regional authors, and had secured permission for us to shoot the video in the store. Traffic was a bit whack due to a closure of the Sellwood Bridge, but we made it in time.

I was interviewed by Paul Gude of social networking site Groupee. The concept behind the interviews he does is to present short features on arts and literature on their site to spark discussion and allow members to discover common interests. We filmed for about 45 minutes, which will be edited down to about 5 minutes in the final Webcast. I expect to be able to link to the Webcast in a month or so.

I did take my iPod and record the entire thing. If Paul gives his permission, and it isn't seen as competitive with Groupee's goals, I'll put my recording of the full interview out as a podcast at some future date.

It was a fun interview. Paul had just read Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ], and had a lot of questions and comments. We also discussed Escapement for a while. I got a chance to show off The River Knows Its Own Wheatland Press ], as well as do some pimping for the gorgeous limited edition of Greetings From Lake Wu Traife Buffet Press ]

the_child came along, as did lasirenadolce. lasirenadolce got a few pictures.


As usual, more at the Flickr set.
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