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[links] Link Salad for lunch

A reader, not so much with the love for Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ].

The human genome appears to respond to changes in diet, on an evolutionary time scale

HP develops inkjet vaccinations

100,000 dpi printing — This is a very SFnal technology, in my book.

Lawsuit over lost luggage

Patriot Day — Political snark from the admirable slacktivist.

Paul Krugman reviews Jon Chait's book The Big Con Powell's | Amazon ] — Money shot:

Quite simply, if you point out character flaws in a conservative, there will be an all-out effort, involving major media as well as blogs and talk radio, to discredit and ruin you, personally. This just doesn't happen on the other side.

So journalists feel that it's safe to ridicule Democrats, even if the supposed character-defining episode never happened; they choke up and shy away when it comes to Republicans. That's why even the most grotesque stuff, like Giuliani's claim that he's a rescue worker too, or Romney's remark that his sons are serving the country by helping him become president, doesn't get picked up.

Salon interviews the author of the recent Bush biography Dead Certain Powell's | Amazon ] — Money shot:

In place of the dimwitted boogeyman of the left and the resolute hero of the right, Draper introduces a three-dimensional man full of contradictions.

The "Arab World" — Commentary on our approach to post-9/11 politics, with a reminder of how it could have been under a sane and competent presidency. Money shot:

Sept. 11 was a hinge in history, a fork in the road. It presented us with a choice. We could find out who attacked us, surgically defeat them, address the underlying problems in the Middle East, and make use of the outpouring of global sympathy to pull the rest of the world closer to us. Or we could lash out blindly and self-righteously, insist that the only problems in the Middle East were created by "extremists," demonize an entire culture and make millions of new enemies.
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