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[travel] A bit more Crescent City, with conference and redwoods

Saturday morning in Crescent City. Had a lovely day at the North Coast Redwoods Writers' Conference yesterday. We had a great panel on biography in fiction, which I will podcast soon. I also read "The Dying Dream of Water," a short story from Original Destiny, Manifest Sin which originally appeared in Flytrap. (Speaking of that sort of thing, I got a nice fan letter today off "Tom Edison & His Telegraphic Harpoon" in the current issue of Weird Tales — it's also from Original Destiny, Manifest Sin.)

Had a story sale yesterday, which I'll announce details of once contract stuff is cleared. Today I'm leading a couple of sessions on how to know if you've succeeded as a writer. I'll probably podcast that eventually, too. We've got another group panel this afternoon, then tonight there's a wrap party for the conference. Home tomorrow by the slow road, up the coast on 101 from Crescent City to Newport, at least, maybe further if time permits.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of pics from yesterday.

Me driving along Howland Hill road. (We went up the road again last night by starlight...redwoods in the dark are even more mysterious and dramatic.)

lasirenadolce and another tourist walking in Stout Grove

Shakespeare in the redwoods — that one's for matociquala

A fungus among us!

As usual, there will be more at the Flickr set — just not yet, due to bandwidth limitations

More to come, time and bandwidth permitting.
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