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After a wonderful time in Crescent City the past few days, we had a terrific drive up the coast today, with stops at locations such as the Prehistoric Gardens and the Sea Lion Caves. (If only there was a World's Largest Ball of Twine on the Oregon coast...) I'll make a real travelog tomorrow, right now I'm in turn-and-churn mode, as we got home about two hours later than planned, due to truly dreadful traffic on I-5 between Albany and Portland, and I have to get up in six hours to fly to Omaha. Did get in a quality dinner with the_child, and we taught each other a simple card trick from a book she got.

Omaha tomorrow, then straight to Seattle for Foolscap Friday afternoon. Expect continued light blogging. Meanwhile, to entertain you, here's a picture lasirenadolce took of me in the redwood groves along Howland Hill Road.


I'm thinking this might be my new author photo.
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