Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[process] Story licensing neepery

This is something of a request-for-comment.

I now have a handful of recordings of me reading, in mp3 format. Over the next couple of months these will be podcast, at least those stories which have already been published. My current thinking is to also post the story text on this blog. That will be a second rights usage, which aren't generally exclusive anyway. While this may cause some impairment to my ability to sell reprint rights into certain markets, I have such a huge backlist of previously published stories that I'm just not too worried about it.

I am wondering a bit if posting the readings here will impair any future efforts to sell audio rights.

My second thought is whether to release both the text and the audio under a Creative Commons license. Again, I'm talking about stories where first rights have already been sold, and which are no longer under an exclusionary period. I am leaning toward CC licensing, but am curious as to people's opinions about the ins and outs of this option.
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