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[poll] LOLJay Contest Results

And the results are in for the LOLJay Contest.

With 75 votes cast, thexmedix took first place at 18 with this one:

hoosier_red came in a close second at 16 with this:

Congratulations are in order to the winners! As stated previously, first prize will be an arc of Escapement. I don't have 'em yet, but when I do the LOLJay winner will be one of the first people to get a chance to read the book. Second prize will be the winner's choice of any of my other books.

EscapementMainspringTrial of FlowersRocket Science
Tor Books, 2008
Tor Books, 2007
Trial of Flowers
Night Shade Books, 2006
Rocket Science
Fairwood Press, 2005

I will also throw into both prizes a random book from my library, probably a recent hardback I've finished reading. Also, both winners will be Tuckerized in an upcoming short story, details to be announced.

Winners, reach out to me with your contact info and we'll go from there.
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