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[travel] Wending our way back from Crescent City, CA

Sunday, lasirenadolce and I cruised home in the Genre car from Crescent City, CA. We followed this route up the coast to Newport, before we cut over to the 5, where traffic was deeply abysmal. We made better time behind the RVs on the two lanes of US-101 than we did on the Interstate.

As any time when I am travelling and Not In a Hurry, there were plentiful stops for photography and general messing about. Highlights were probably Tranny Man, the Prehistoric Gardens and Sea Lion Caves.

Now that I finally have all the pictures uploaded to Flickr (set here) I can post some highlights.

In Smith River, California, we came across this little honey.


Note the Native Americans welcoming weary European travellers to their shores.

That's the Ship Ashore Gift Shop. It's a ship. Ashore. The boat's so big it shows up in the aerial/satellite view on Google maps.

A little ways up the road, we saw another boat-as-building.


Shortly after that, we were completely distracted in Brookings, OR, by Tranny Man!


Note the 1970s porn star hair and moustache. It took us a while to regain our self-control.

We then visited the Mary D. Hume, an extremely retired historic ship.


The bridge connecting Gold Beach and Wedderburn has some quite pretty architectural detail.


After that, we made it to the Prehistoric Gardens, which I'm pretty sure is frankwu's spiritual home.


Then it was a visit to Sea Lion Caves, which is really pretty cool.


Yes, you take an elevator down a 240 foot shaft in an oceanfront cliff face. Very strange.

Finally, a little something for garyomaha and kevin_standlee, coz they're that way.


lasirenadolce has some way better pictures than mine. Check out her Flickr here. I did manage to geocode most of my photos on Flickr, for whatever that's worth. Later this week I'll make more photo posts about Crescent City and the redwoods, using photos from both of us.
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