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[links] Link salad goes to Omaha, eats deep fried pork


Today's Dilbert — In which, erm, my day job is discussed.

What to do with the Bonds ball? — Thanks to lt260. (Did I get it right this time?) Which reminds me that I saw a car on the highway the other day with a prominent "Duck Athletic Fund" sticker. (That would be the University of Oregon, if you're wondering.) I wanted to ask him how much money he'd given to academic programs there?

(An)arthrous abbreviations — In which your proprietor learns a new word.

Holden Efijy — I want to be scandalously rich so I can drive one of these!


APOD for September 18th — A truly awe inspiring photo.

A photo essay on Bangaldeshi ship breakers — Thanks to danjite.

Politics (sort of)

State Senator Ernie Chambers Sues God — And you people wonder why I hang out in Nebraska.

Chaffee quietly quits the GOP — Thanks, Linc. Maybe you should have done that during the last election when it might have had some political impact.

Bad science fiction come to life

Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits Peruvian village — Andromeda Strain on the march? Thanks to kenscholes.

Mammoth dung, prehistoric goo may speed warming — Yes, elephant poop from the deeps of time is coming to get us.

Official prototype of kilogram mysteriously losing weight — Oh noes! The Universe is shrinking!
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