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[links] Arrrrr!!! It be Link Salad for ye today, mateys!

Arrrrrrr!!! It be Talk Like a Pyrate Daye. For all yer piratin' needs, I gives you this link, me sweet guavas. Otherwise, sheathe yer cutlasses and feast yer glowin' undead orbs on these here links. Arrrrrrrr!!!

New "View" Co-Host Sherri Shepherd Doesn't Know If World Is Flat — Wow. Just wow.

Fish in space help studies of balance disorders — Everybody say it with me, in a portentous voice. "Fish in spaaaaaace!" Ganked from rcloenen_ruiz.

World’s Languages Dying Off Rapidly — Not exactly shocking news, but still sad. How critical to the human experience are indigenous languages? Is this, as the article implies, a tragedy on a par with the extinction of species? We wouldn't have Shakespeare if Norman French had not displaced Old English.

World Clock — A dashboard for the planet. Thanks to sheelangig.

Wesley Snipes Archive — Language silliness, courtesy of goulo.

Migration Reshapes Iraq’s Sectarian Landscape

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