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[travel|writing] Seattle ho (well, Bellevue hey)

I am in Seattle. Currently heading up 405 in lasirenadolce's car, bound for Bellevue and Foolscap. (Yes, I'm autoblogging.) I finished "America, Such as She Is" on the plane. Despite my earlier comments about cluelessness anent story length, my 20,000 word goal story landed at 20,100 words. Ahem. And actually, right now I think it's pretty damned cool. We'll see what perspective the sobriety of time brings me.

It needs to steep a bit, like tea, in accordance with the New Model Process, but I also owe this novella to an editor by the end of this month.

Here's a wordful thought about the inanities of the English language.

Matriarch and patriarch have strongly parallel meaning. Matrimony and patrimony definitely do not. Rematriate doesn't mean anything so far as I'm aware, but repatriate has a meaning independent of the previous usages. I telll you this today, brethren and cistern, because it's true.

See some of y'all around the joint this weekend. If any of my readers whom I only know as LJ handles are there (I'm looking at you, burgereater), please introduce yourself.
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