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[personal] Housekeeping notes

The podcast feed will have a new episode up tomorrow. I've got enough material in hand or on deck to keep the biweekly schedule up through the rest of the year, I think. Just need to do some more editing. Already thinking about upgrading the recording rig.

I promised garyomaha an answer to the question he asked here.
You, sir, are one of the most engaging, outgoing, effervescent, extroverted persons we know. You revel in being with folks, meeting new folks, interacting with folks.

And yet...

Your choice of (a)vocation is writing. Is this not one of the most solitary tasks one can do? Indeed, isn't the recipient of your good works -- the reader -- also a most solitary of tasks?

So, does this show the "yin and yang" of
jaylake? Or a dual personality? Or some deep-seated need to be both alone and together with others?

I also recently promised a post on the mechanics of anthology editing. If you're expecting to see anything else from me that I haven't mentioned, please remind me in comments.
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