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[links] Link salad, Monday again?

The Death of Irony, part 247 in continuing seriesSalon has this quote running on their War Room page right now:
Fox News' Chris Wallace to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: "Why do you and [former President Bill Clinton] have such a hyper-partisan view of politics?"

Divine Politics — More from Salon, on separation of Church and State in a book review of The Stillborn God, by Mark Lilla Powells | Amazon ].

"Bagatelle" as a verb

Homonyms, Homophones, and Homographs — Why doesn't "wound" rhyme with "wound" anyway?

Opening up the patent process — Applying crowd wisdom to patent review, courtesy of the USPTO.

Lessons of Little Rock — After 50 years, Central High School is still divided.

Scary art — Stupid people?

Meanwhile, I have a series of process and other posts backing up, but not the time this morning to deal with them. I'll leave you with this thought. bravado111 and I were talking in chat about "America, Such as She Is." I told him, "I'm trying to avoid pretty language in favor of a stronger story here."

This is of course a fairly stupid statement. There's nothing about pretty language that precludes a strong story — unless you happen to be me. I'm trying to step out from behind the wallpaper and build better story bones. That requires that both I and my readers not be so distracted by teh shiny in the words themseves. As always, your mileage may vary.
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