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[conventions] Foolscap, TX

As previously mentioned, Foolscap was fun. I liked the badges, which read "FOOLSCAP IX", but from a distance seemed to be referring to the town of Foolscap, TX. There were a few priceless moments captured by lasirenadolce and her camera.

tbclone47 with his Big Pile o' Books. Note titles by kenscholes, jimvanpelt, and yours truly, among others.

Artist GoH Charles Vess drawing on the back of a signed Charles Vess print in the auction, thus presenting a terrible dilemma to the winning bidder.

Dave Howell (a/k/a snarke) sings "Rubber Duckie" as a love ballad. If Billie Holiday were to come back from the dead as a skinny white dude, this would be her. Trust me on this.

I commence auctioning a pair of F.M. Busby books kindly donated by Elinor Busby. Note the bid is $7, as signified by the fingers of klages and Dave Howell.

The bidding reaches $12.

This is what happened after klages dared the audience to go past twenty. At this point people are passing $1 bills to the lead bidder to force the price up.

As your mother would have predicted, it all ended in tears.

I am Beautiful™ in a kate_schaefer original. I didn't get to keep it, though.

If you ever get a chance to run an auction with Dave Howell and klages, run, don't walk, toward the front of the room.

All photos by lasirenadolce. As usual, more at the Flickr set
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