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[links] Link salad gets all RND() on you

Las Vegas Under Siege by Zombies and a Mutant — Thanks to my dad.

They Might Be Giants shape shifts again — Thanks to danjite.

Trailer Boy on Adding New Business Lines — I meant to post this earlier. kenscholes on the transition from short fiction to novels.

A Republican politician publically faces the personal consequences of his party's rhetoric — I found this quite moving. Thanks to garyomaha for the link.

Making the World Safe for Velocity — Safety ideas of the automotive past.

The Geek Syndrome — Autism, Asperger's and Silicon Valley.

anghara discusses beautiful language

s4 responds to Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ].

Swiss firefighters turn rap stars — "The firefighters suggest writing their number in your undies." Thanks to frabjouslinz.

kenscholes talks about my new story-in-draft, "America, Such as She Is"

"Last Drink Bird Head" — Another project from the hardest working man in show business, jeffvandermeer.

Pop culture and the space age

In case you've ever wondered what a "Green River Ordinance" is
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