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[links] Link side salad, with political croutons

criada reports on kehrli's attempt to determine whether or not Charles de Lint is smarter than me — Advantage de Lint, I think.

Today's APOD is breath-taking

Deadly bacteria from outer spaceSalmonella bacteria grown on the space shuttle displayed unusual genetic activity, becoming much more virulent. What, this is Andromeda Strain month?

2006 Texas State Republican Party Platform — For those conservative friends of mine who still think they're part of a rational political movement. Read the section on homosexuality (page 14) and contemplate the wholesale denial of rights and calls for continued criminalization by one of the largest state Republican parties in the country. And this is not the most batshit GOP platform out there, either.

The courtship of black voters in South Carolina — Clinton vs Obama in the black community.
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