Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel|personal] That whooshing sound you hear is me not being home

I'm at it again. Out crack of dawn Sunday for Dallas, to a Day Job meeting Monday morning there. I'll get to have dinner with mom and dad, so this is a bonus. Back late, late Monday night. Expect minimal blogging those two days.

Tonight the_child and I worked on her written homework for music, then she practiced her cello for me, then we worked on invitations to her birthday party. She has conceived a desire for her own version of JayCon. I suppose we'll have to call it ChildCon or something.

Saturday the_child and I are going to the Bodies exhibit here in Portland. I saw it in Seattle last year, so I know what's up. She's asked repeatedly to go. She's always had an interest in that stuff — there must be five or six books on anatomy in her library. Then we're going to go buy a music stand to help with her cello practice. Can anyone tell me where to buy a decent music stand here in Portland?
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