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[links] Link salad, more better

zobop with Larceny in the Heart — A discussion of con men. (Thanks to danjite.)

Christopher Hitchens on the Subtle, Lethal Poison of Religion — (Tipped by dirkcjelli.)

Religion as a Black Market for Irrationality — (Also tipped by dirkcjelli.)

Catholic Archbishop asserts that condoms are laced with AIDS — More thought leadership from the religious quarter. (Also also tipped by dirkcjelli.)

China bans "sexual sounds" on airwaves

A conspiracist's interpretation of the recent nuclear weapons transshipment error on the part of the Air Force — And in case you mised the original story, which as a "BENT SPEAR" incident is plenty weird and scary without a conspiracy interpretation, it's here.

Nations must fight climate change like terrorism, Rice says — Jerry Rice? No, wait, our Secretary of State. Apparently she's fallen victim to the liberal media conspiracy, since we all know climate change is just a George Soros bugaboo designed to interfere with American business and cost Red State jobs. Rush told me that himself. Next she'll be cozying up to evolutionists. Can't wait to see the right wing spin on this one.

Vaclav Havel on the same topic

New Weird — I'm proud to be part of this book.

The good life of the Auschwitz guards — (Thanks to frabjouslinz.)

Portland Celebrates Cheese! — October 5th and 6th, right here in Stumptown. (Thanks to davidlevine.)

Baby Goats Taste Better — (Thanks to garyomaha.)

23 album covers that changed the world — (Thanks to garyomaha.)

Parallel universes exist - study — (Thanks to lt260.)
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