Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[process] The gentle horrors of revision

Well, "America, Such as She Is" has gone to the editor. I requested the right to turn in minor revisions over the weekend pending some additional feedback and a little more steeping in my own mind, but I have made deadline. We'll see if he likes it — different issue entirely, there.

This has been a fascinating experience. The novella is the second piece I've written with the New Model Process, though I did also apply it to the revisions of Escapement. I realized today that I was enjoying the revision process. Both devonmonk and the mighty Ray Vukcevich told me years ago that there was no such thing as revising, there was just more writing. I think maybe I finally understand them.

It's a weird feeling, like suddenly noticing the sky is blue. So many people have slapped me upside the head with this over the years, from casacorona to Gavin Grant to I don't know who else. It finally penetrated.

We'll see where that leads me, but for the moment I'm unconscionably pleased. Today's lesson for me is the reminder that writers are like sharks: always moving, always growing, never dying til they grow still. The reader is free to draw their own conclusions, of course.
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