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[child] The Michaelmas Play

Over lunch today I popped by the_child's school for the Michaelmas Play. This is performed every year, and is a celebration of the turning of the season. It also borders on mythic ritual, involving angels, dragons and the intervention of St. Michael. The Waldorf school isn't big on photography, and requests that we take no pictures or videos during the actualy performance, so all I got were a few snaps of the kids getting organized, and two surreptitious photos of the dragon. It was horribly cute.

Unfortunately, the play was rained out this year. It's always performed outdoors, and they've never been rained out in 20 years, but this year was the first time. It was rescheduled into the gym on an emergency basis, which produced some odd logistical consequences. The dragon barely fit through the double doors to the girl's locker room, for example.

the_child was a shooting star, along with the rest of her fourth grade class. She lead one troop of them as they rained golden across the battlefield.


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