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[links] Link salad, Saturday, what a day

High school gets even weirder — No-bag policies and tampons. Just read it. The story will creep you out profoundly, and remind you of every embarassing agony you ever experienced in your teen years.

Your liberal media at work — A comparison of the number of stories about Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu and the number of stories about Romney fundraisers Alan Fabian and Robert Lichfield. Because, you know, that liberal bias tinges everything.

Satellite Images Catch Human-Rights Violations — Monitoring Burma from space. (While still doing nothing, however.)

Or maybe something is happening in Burma — (Thanks to danjite.)

The Barry White Effect — As a man with a fairly high voice, I can't decide whether to laugh or cry.

Phony soldiers, real war — Snurched from Making Light

Stephen King on the state of the short story

ETA: Courtesy of rosefox, ellen_datlow on Stephen King on the state of the short story.
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