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[personal] "We all came out to montreux; On the Lake Geneva shoreline"

Well, actually mme_publisher and I went to Eugene yesterday. There was no smoke involved, and very little water.

The Wordos were having a Writers of the Future signing for the two volume XXIII winners from the group. That's nine winners in eight years...and impressive run, no matter how you slice it. I haven't been in a dog's age, so I saw some familiar faces, including gooddamon and John Burridge, our two winners, as well as floatingtide, Ray Vukcevich, Nina Kiriki Hoffman and loads of other folks. I probably wouldn't have gone if mme_publisher hadn't been driving, as I was feeling very beat down yesterday.

It occurred to me whilst discussing the New Model Process in the car with mme_publisher that what this change in my working habits boils down to is applying lessons learned from the high level process of novel writing to the line level process of craft in both short stories and novels. That was an interesting insight for me.

Yesterday's anthology editing post continues to moil in my head a little as well. Among other things, I really should have titled my dummy anthology, used there for illustrative purposes, Clamthology: Stories on the Half Shell.
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