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[links] Link salad, Saturday, what a day, grooving all week with you, edition

paul_m_jessup on the power of a good first sentence — More from me later on this.

Metro.co.uk reviews The Stone Gods — Cribbed from Ansible. Money shot:
It would be reductive to call this science fiction: it's speculative writing; a novel of ideas.

Other Earths toc — I guess the cat's out of the bag now!

deborahlive announces guidelines for Polyphony 7

A different kind of company — Marketing on the Internet, from McSweeney's. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Bush leaving some problems to successors — Huh. Imagine that.

The Di Fatta Plan — Louisiana Republican vows to "Defend our conservative values from attacks by extreme liberal groups," somehow falls for anonymous gay sex in public restrooms, which is apparently a conservative value now. Hey, maybe the Log Cabin Republicans aren't crazy after all!

ED in 08 — Why would you brand something as "ED" in this age of v1agra spam?
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