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[links] Link salad with new improved croutons

Craig Venter claims creation of artificial life

Shooting down amateur grammar Nazis

Parkour in action — In case you were wondering what wall-running and urban steeplechase really looks like.

Airship may link historic cities — Mmm...zeppelins. Well, airships. (Thanks to lisamantchev.)

Conservatives on parade

The Inconsistent Waffle Factor — More on consistency fetishism among my conservative friends. Money shot:
"Conservatives are far more conservative -- they are far more likely to hold fast and circle the wagons, whereas liberals are more adaptive," said Hillary Hoffman, a psychologist at the University of Miami who has studied the issue of consistency in politics. "That is part of the definition of 'liberal' and 'conservative.'"
Think about this: At the end of Thelma and Louise, the girls stayed the course. Look what it got them...

Same Old Party — Paul Krugman of the NYT on the growing conservative sentiment that Bush isn't a "real" conservative. Newsflash: he's no liberal/progressive, you people elected him...he's yours for life, my conservative friends.

Right Wing Launches Baseless Smear Campaign Against 12 Year Old Recipient Of SCHIP — The party of family values strikes again.

Susan Collins' senate campaign attacks opponent for missing congressional votes — Seems he was at the funeral of a family member. More conservative family values!

Lawsuit over conduct of Oral Roberts University leadership — Wow. Money and sex. You'd think these people were liberals or something. Even more conservative family values!!!
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