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[links] Link salad for a Thursday

Science and Technology

Shepherding moons — How Jupiter's rings keep their trim, girlish figures. (Thanks to AH.)

Why can bats fly when mice can't? — Well, there's this little thing called wings...

Tilt!Bad Astronomy dissects some really stupid pseudoscience.

Monster hunting no more — A reconsideration of crypto-zoology.


Mad kitchen gadgets — (Thanks to danjite.)

To Clarify Sloppy Signage, Airports Hire 'Wayfinders'


jeffvandermeer takes some exception to my recent post on anthologiesellen_datlow takes some exception to Jeff's exception.

Editor danhoyt announces the availability of his new project Fate Fantastic Powell's | Amazon ] — Includes my blatant Cordwainer Smith pastiche, "The Man With One Bright Eye."

Home Court Advantage — Applying draconian British libel laws to US publications.


Today's Dilbert get political — PHB: "I value loyalty over competence. That's the sign of a great leader." Nope, never seen that philosophy in action in real life.

Details emerge on the the death of an Alabama preacher — Former Falwell employee, Liberty University graduate, conservative pastor, found dead of autoerotic asphyixiation in a bizarre get-up, to say the least. At least he wasn't a liberal pervert!
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