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[personal|links] A bit more ick, with a side of links

I am very out of it today, but not dreadful sick. Meanwhile, the_child has left me her plush monkey for company. Because I've been Web browsing even in my fog, here's a few links.

Chiastic phrases vs palindromes — Not really you say, say you really not.

The private school advantage — Speaking as one of Choate's finest (along with jtdiii — any other Choaties here?), I find this interesting. Speaking as a parent who spends a very significant percentage of my income keeping the_child in private school, likewise. (She's there for reasons involving the intersection of her life skills, personality and the specifics of curriculum, a combination of circumstances which the study referenced in the article doesn't seem to factor for.)

"No email" Fridays lead to rebellions

Is Eye Color the Key to the White House? — Money shot:
Could it be that blue eyes provide a similar advantage for men that blonde hair does for women? As we wrote in Freakonomics, blonde women (whether natural or not) do far better on online dating sites than non-blondes.

mallory_blog thinks about durable copyright — I answer in comments, and may do a blog post of my own at some point, expanding on that answer.

Tamara Sheehan talks about the difference between writing and the business of writing

IRS says rich getting richer: report — The headline doesn't mention it, but according to the same data, the poor are also getting poorer. A rising tide lifts all yachts, I guess. If you're a Republican, are you in the bottom 50%?

Just in case you missed it, Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize — Man, the whole world has a liberal bias, doesn't it?
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