Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] Upcoming peregrinations

In case anyone needs to know this:

10/15-10/19: Omaha
10/23-10/24: Oakland
10/29-11/05: CT/NY
11/18-11/24: Dallas

The Omaha and Oakland trips are Day Job-driven. There will be an Omaha Beach Party the night of 10/18. Also, I will be up for a Bay Area dinner the night of 10/23. (frankwu, zellandyne, are you listening?)

The CT/NY trip will take lasirenadolce and me to Choate, into NYC for the Australian Reception, to the Tor offices in Manhattan, then off to WFC, where I will be (among other things) attending the banquet.

The Dallas trip will take the_child, lasirenadolce and me to visit my parents, then the whole crew of us to Galveston to spend Thanksgiving at the beach with yet more relatives.
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