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[links] Link salad wakes up and asks if it's the weekend yet


Matthew Shepard's mother speaks out — His death was another triumph of the ongoing conservative rhetoric of marginalization and exclusion.

Another "phony soldier" speaks out — Apparently the liberals are corrupting America's military at all levels. The GOP had better get those re-education camps open, stat!

chriswjohnson is very funny about Gore's Nobel prize


UFOs baffle O.C. earthlings — 3-foot-wide foam saucer stops traffic, empties bars and is said to 'drip fire.'

The High Line — A peculiar piece of New Yorkiana.


jeffvandermeer talks about writing process, with a certain irony with respect to your proprietor

Kate Elliott has advice to first time SFF novelists — We could all stand to pay some attention to her.

And in case you missed it, kenscholes just sold a science fantasy series to Tor — And I'm here to tell you, the first book is pretty amazing. Go give him some love. Me, I'm off to have a celebratory breakfast with the boy shortly.
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