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[links] Link salad on a Sunday morning

The man who knew too much — Dick Cheney, faked intelligence, and the burning of intelligence assets. Sound familiar? The Dickster has been doing it for years.

Frank Rich on the legalisms of torture — Go read this. Especially you still think we're the good guys, even more so if you somehow still think the Republican Party stands for clean, ethical government.

"Jews Need Perfecting"Editor & Publisher on Ann Coulter's recent remarks. Does anyone really believe that Coulter is a sincere Christian? She certainly claims to speak for them, without visible objection from the churched. That's the kind of nonsense that makes people like me dismissive of even reasonable conservative claims — there's no daylight between reasonable conservatives and complete lunatics like Coulter. (Thanks to ellenscult.)

James Fallows compares the conservative reaction to Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize to the conservative reaction to MLK winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Futility Review — The poetry magazine with the 100% rejection rate.

Humans will wed robots — As lt260 says, "Honestly, haven't these people ever listened to Frank Zappa. (Thank to lt260.)

Luxury blimp — What is it with all the airship business plans lately? (Thanks to scarlettina.)
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