Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|travel] What the hey nonny no did I eat last night?

Awake way too early in order to head for the airport to go to Omaha. Last night I dreamt I was at WFC. I was hanging out with matociquala, and I had some dreadful honey whiskey I was pushing on people. (jackwilliambell, are you listening?) She was being polite about it. Then we had to follow her sister, Elizabeth van Tronk, across the entire length of the Con hotel to fetch something very important. I was only wearing a bathing suit, and kept getting sexually harassed by Larry Craig lookalike fans, so I lost track of Bear and van Tronk and wound up in some guy's room trying to send email off a 4GB SDHC card. (No, this doesn't make sense to me, either. Also, it didn't work.)

Meanwhile, mme_publisher was working a salmon boat for arcaedia, who held the master commercial license. I wound up discussing boat deployments with arcaedia and matociquala. And there was this plot to improve fandom via teratogenic compounds injected in the chicken fingers being served in the hotel bar.

Off the airport in this state of mind!
Tags: conventions, dreams, omaha, personal, travel

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