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[travel] In Omaha, watching out for boojums

The last couple of days have not been kind to me. Sunday I managed to destroy my eyeglasses. As I am in Omaha all week, and going to California next week, I'll be wearing Dorky Reserve Eyeglasses of Wrong Prescription for a while. (This annoys me.) Packing Sunday night for this trip I managed to omit (by current count) the laptop power supply for my work Dell, the dress shirt I need to wear tomorrow and my toothbrush. At least two of these three items were laid out for me to take, so I have no freaking idea how I missed them. Then of course yesterday was subject to massive system delays in the air traffic system. Finally, the Hertz Random Upgrade Program delivered unto me an SUV I'd never even heard of — a Pontiac Torrent.

Off to work in a bit, hoping like heck I don't run over a spike in the road or something.
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