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[links] Link salad, politics & science edition

Schools should put faith in science — The Calgary Herald with a smoking editorial on the teaching of Creationism/Intelligent Design in schools. (And incidentally, this obsession with evolution is one big reason I think so many religous conservatives are prima facie idiots, and why I'm so digusted with their enablers in the moderate churches and across the conservative political spectrum. Abortion is one thing — an area of at least potentially legitimate disagreement, however I wrongheaded I personally think some people are. Creationism is just wilful stupidity scantily clad in the presumed respectability of faith.)

Evangelicals Lukewarm Toward GOP Field — Words fail to express the depths of my sorrow. Where will they find someone with the intellectual shallowness, vapid incuriosity and moral strait jacketing of President Bush? On the other hand, since repressed sexuality is the new black1 among Evangelical leaderhip (Ted Haggard, Lindsay Roberts, Gary Aldridge), maybe they should just draft Larry "Bill Clinton is a bad boy, a naughty boy" Craig. They already know he's one of them.

New Coast Guard Task in Arctic’s Warming Seas — Man, even the Arctic Ocean has bought into the liberal propaganda about "Global Warming." Must be Al Gore's fault.

Neanderthals May Have Had Gene for Speech — This is intensely cool.

1. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the old black, too.
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