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[personal] Home, more or less

I am home. Tired as heck, but home. lasirenadolce was very sweet to meet me at the airport.

Off to California Tuesday. Off to New York a week from Monday. Off to Omaha again mid-November, then Texas. (I'm out of town 18 days in November.)

The flights today were a little frustrating. I was already seated, dozing, when the Omaha flight was still boarding. Someone clocked me right in the forehead with their carry-on. That sort of set the tone.

On the other hand, in getting off the plane in Portland I realized I'd been seated in First Class behind a Famous Hollywood Star for the past four hours. He's a distinctive looking actor, about my age, but was very dressed down. As we got up to leave, I began to talk to him.

jaylake:Don't I know who you are?
FHS(In a quiet, patient voice) I don't know, do you?
jaylake:I've seen your face many times.
FHS(smiles) Then I guess you do. It happens.
jaylake:I'm a writer. No one ever knows who I am.
FHSYou like it that way?
jaylake:Well, from what I read in the papers, I think so.
FHSWhat do you write?
jaylake:Fantasy and science fiction.
FHSWho's your favorite writer?
jaylake:Gene Wolfe. I think he's one of the greatest writers we have in any field.
(We talk about Gene Wolfe for a few moments.)
FHSWhat book of yours should I read?
jaylake:Mainspring. (I hand him a business card.) Look me up on Amazon

At that point I realize the entire First Class section is just listening to us talk, no one trying to get off the plane. I never said his name, or told him mine out loud. He was so very low key, but I think he appreciated being recognized without being hassled. The really weird part is I don't think anyone else in the cabin recognized him.

Really, it was very cool.

One more thing: Apropos of nothing in particular, said by me recently to kenscholes:

"Trying to understand your own writing is like cutting your own hair. Sometimes you get lucky and find the right mirror."
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