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[travel] Peripatesis

Um, ok. For those playing along with the home game version of "Where's Jay", here's the latest summary.

10/23-10/24Oakland, CA

10/29-10/30Hartford, CT

10/30-10/31New York, NY

10/31-11/5Saratoga Springs, NY (WFC)

11/12-11/16Omaha, NE (including momo feast for the Omaha Beach Party)

11/16-11/17Portland, OR (OryCon)

11/18-11/24Dallas, TX and Galveston, TX (precise itinerary TBD)

We also have the_child's birthday party this weekend, which could be not inaccurately dubbed ChildCon, a West Coast iteration of the Omaha Beach Party next weekend, and sundry holiday events.
Tags: child, conventions, omaha, personal, portland, texas, travel

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