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[poll] Loving Julius voting poll

Per my recent post concerning amusement, I am giving away a very limited edition dark erotica chapbook of mine, Loving Julius, which was a pilot project of Traife Buffet Press, publishers of the mighty limited edition of Greetings From Lake Wu Traife Buffet ]. The chapbook was given out as a fundraising premium at the Center For Sex and Culture in San Francisco a year or so ago, and has never been available for sale.

One of the following entrants in the contest to amuse me by explaining why they deserve a copy of the chapbook will be a lucky winner. You will decide their fates, who will laugh, who will cry, who will triumph and whose dreams will be crushed.

All decisions of the judges are probably arbitrary and capricious. They are also final. All ties to be settled by the_child.

Poll #1074372 Loving Julius

Who really deserves a copy of Loving Julius?

irismoonlight: Because vanilla should *own* rich, dark chocolate sauce.
jetse: I should win because there are more things my fellow countrymen did to make that tulip black then are dreamt of in your philosphy, Horatio...
saycestsay: Because accretion disc sploog doesn't stand a chance of cross-pollinating the proto-planets if Nemesis doesn't whip things up every 26 million years or so...
aries_jordan: Because I will take snippets of dialogue and tableax and create lol pictures with them. (Caveat: NOT USING REAL CATS).
howeird: I need some dark erotica to read on light rail.
delkytlar: Because my eBay ratings are all positive, and I'm sure I could offload it on one of the losers quickly and at significant personal profit. Did I really post that? Um... JAY LAKE IS BRILLIANT!
(Anonymous) Chris Y: Because you know I will be shocked and appalled, and you'd just love to do that!
controuble: Because what else is a pore widdle widow-woman to do besides read about it?
snippy: I must say, after reading Trial of the Flowers I am more than a little frightened at what you might consider dark erotica. And chagrined at possible missed opportunities.
sheelangig: The only answer to Why? is Because. Just because.
rarelylynne: Because as your archivist, I need a complete record of you as a writer. Yup, it's me, from NIU, going all kamikaze librarian on ya. :-)
garyomaha: M. and I are considering an addition to the house, so we need books to put into the walls.
goulo: Because postage to Poland costs more.
(Anonymous) Chris C: Because it would make up for the Box of Wonders, bought at Torcon, 2003, that I never seem to manage to pick up. :-)
danjite: Uh, 'Cos I published it and don't own one?
shaolingrrl: 'Cuz I look really hot in one of those stripy uniforms--you know, the funky, kitschy ones with the pillbox hats on steroids--and if I won I'd put the uniform on and read the book and pretend it was all about loving MEEEEEEEE!
badlydrawnjeff: I've always been fascinated by clockporn. Wait, this is a sequel to Mainspring, right?
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