Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[child] Ambition, thy name is the_child

On the way to her birthday dinner tonight, the_child asked her mother and me if we ever wanted life to be different. "How?" I asked.

"You know, like get up in the evening, run around all night, sleep in the day. Different. My life isn't exciting enough."

So we talked about the things people do to make their life exciting. For example, being a photojournalist on international assignment. Or joining the Peace Corps. Or being a police officer or a doctor. We talked about the things people to do to make their life safe. Like being an accountant or an actuary.

She's a pretty good hand with a camera, and getting better. I suggested she set a goal, like photojournalism, then spend some of her time learning and practicing things to reach that goal. I told her it was fine to change the goal as she went along, but it would be good to have one.

I think she's developing a sense of the future.

Meanwhile, we're going geocaching this coming weekend, and she has asked if tillyjane will take her trail riding.
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