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[links] LInk salad, Tuesday miscellania

Bush's Neo-Imperialist War — "Our Iraqi occupation not only rejects American foreign policy since Wilson, it's a throwback to the great power imperialism that led to World War I."

A tale of two decisions (or, how the FBI gets you to confess) — From the department of "the innocent have nothing to fear." More of that ethical government we hear so much about from the Right. Better hope you're never caught in the crunch.

Nobel Winner Issues Apology for Comments About Blacks

After Fight, Airport Embraces SUX Code — GAY is a potential airport code? Really?

Mr. Family Values himself, Richard Mellon Scaife, in an ugly divorce — Generally I couldn't care less about the private lives of public figures, but this gentleman nearly single-handedly bankrolled the "get Clinton" movement on the Right during the 1990s. Any shame of his is a matter of public interest, for the People in Glass Houses department if nothing else. Money shot:
But to fully appreciate this mesmerizing debacle, one must study it up close, for its many strategic blunders and its moments of epic brutality — like a visit to Gettysburg, minus the gravitas.

jeffvandermeer announces the contents of the Steampunk antho — Yours truly is there with "The God Clown Is Near".

Water Heater Explosions — "There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering KABOOM!" (Thanks to garyomaha.)

Science tattoos (Thanks to threeoutside.)

blakehutchins comments on his in-progress read of Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ]

An Active, Purposeful Machine That Comes Out at Night to Play — Some fascinating stuff about the nature of sleep

Spectacular tornado photo from Michigan

Virus-Built Electronics — Who needs personal jet packs and moon bases? The future is here already.

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