Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Sometimes you're the lightning, sometimes you're the bug

Went and picked up mail today. Large bill from the_child's school for the second half of annual tuition. Check from agent for slightly more than tuition bill. The delta is just about right for the expense of next week's WFC trip.

In other news, a power surge last week fried Mother of the Child's almost new washer and dryer. Repair bill will be $1,300, about what they cost last summer. Called the insurance agent, who informs me this is covered on the homeowner's policy on our duplex, subject to a deductible. On a flyer, called the power company and told them my story. I wound up talking to an insurance adjuster who manages their liability coverage. Lo and behold, as of today I have been informed that MotC will be receiving a new washer and dryer at zero cost to me.

Sometimes the universe just opens up and smiles.
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